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WACREN Conference to offer solutions for open science infrastructure in Africa

The global movement known as "Open Science" aims to expand the accessibility and significance of scientific findings significantly. The shift to open science presents an opportunity to accelerate the growth of digital research and education in Africa and to disseminate best practices for digital content management.

Open Science, however, necessitates the development of infrastructures and services throughout the ecosystem, including by university libraries, NRENs, and other organizations. Additionally, each of them needs to be connected to the global system for research communication.

LIBSENSE, led by WACREN, has been doing significant work in advancing open science from bottom-up and up-bottom in various relevant institutions in multiple African countries.

In this session, you will glimpse the future of open science, understand how other regions are switching to open science and think about how advancements in scholarly publication affect the African continent.

Get ready to join global and local experts in this field to explore how Africa can chart a course to improve open science infrastructure.

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